Wearing vyshyvankas today is not only patriotic, but also very fashionable. Young people and older people in Ukraine and abroad with pleasure and pride wear blouses, shirts and other clothes decorated with embroidered designs for holidays and weekdays. The task of manufacturers and retailers is to offer customers exquisite, quality and at the same time affordable outfits.


Online store LELEKKA will become a reliable trading partner for everyone who is interested in wholesale supplies of vyshyvankas. As a manufacturer, we offer our customers the most loyal prices. We would like that all the Ukrainians (and foreigners) could buy original vyshyvankas from the manufacturer. The wholesale cost is discussed individually and depends on the ordered batch. The store cooperates with clients from Ukraine and other countries, deliveries of any scale are provided. We accept single orders and serve regular customers - we will provide regular deliveries on a convenient schedule and provide all the necessary documentation.


In our electronic catalog you will find women's, men's and children's vyshyvankas from the manufacturer (Ukraine). Each model is provided with photos, on which the product is represented from different sides. ● Women's embroidered shirts ● Men's embroidered shirts ● Embroidered shirts for children ● Embroidered shirts for girls ● Embroidered shirts for boys ● Embroidered shirts for couples Designers of LELEKKA take into account both the traditions of national Ukrainian symbols and modern fashion trends - stylish ethnic dresses are created for every day life and formal occasions. Collections of clothes are regularly updated and replenished with new models. Preference is given to practical classical styles, which are harmoniously combined with other clothes and are suitable for any event. In order to please as many customers as possible, we use a wide range of colors of fabrics and machine embroideries (monochrome, two-color, multi-colored ornaments and patterns). The products are manufactured in a wide range of sizes (adult sizes - 40-60, size table). We can agree on tailoring the party based on an individual order. Contact us to discuss details of cooperation in detail.


All the clothes in the LELEKKA online store are factory products. Above each collection there is a team of specialists: designers, cutters, embroiderers and experienced seamstresses. We use modern equipment and technology to ensure the flawless manufacture of every thing at an affordable cost. Great attention is paid to cut: thanks to our technologies, modern national clothes are being developed, which fits in the current trends, and in which its owner will feel comfortable. All products are provided guarantee of quality. When observing the rules of operation concerning washing and ironing, vyshyvankas retain their shape and bright color for a long time. We use: ● Fabrics: cotton, linen; ● Threads: natural viscose; ● Embroidery: cross-stitch, satin stitch;


To buy vyshyvanku in Ukraine directly from the manufacturer, it is enough to place an order on our website. We will contact you to discuss the issues regarding delivery and payment terms. Specify the most convenient carrier for you, and we will ensure shipment in the nearest future. Ordering vyshyvankas from the manufacturer in bulk in the online store LELEKKA, you get: ● exclusive models; ● preferred price; ● quality assurance (if you find defect, we will change the product for free within 14 days).

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